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Faith pornstar wiki

"I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator."

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Gardazuru | 22.06.2018
Quote the passage where it specifically names you.
Zujas | 02.07.2018
Good evening, C/K/A.
Dura | 04.07.2018
Well you should help me to get to "your level". As I am helping you to get to my level. One hand wash the other.
Moogukazahn | 06.07.2018
I am NOT saying a person is born with the God concept. I am saying the human mind generates that concept when it appreciates the nature of existence and senses the presence of an unseen causation.
Gashicage | 07.07.2018
Victor could not rest easy, because he had the sneaking suspicion that someone... somewhere... was living a happy life and believing in God.
Tojakus | 13.07.2018
Do you think the universe came about from nothing? I don't know, I'm just asking.
Faith pornstar wiki
Faith pornstar wiki
Faith pornstar wiki

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