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Asian carp in the oceans

""""Morally, what is the Christian response to racism?""""."

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Voodootilar | 25.02.2018
He's been reading the wrong stuff then. It's still completely natural and nothing to be alarmed about.
Malanos | 01.03.2018
just the illegals getting deported....
Mikarr | 06.03.2018
So when Jesus says "mercy, faith and justice are the spirit of God's law" you don't take that to mean maybe the point of God's law isn't the punishment for every odd deed?
Tygolrajas | 13.03.2018
One time at deployment camp, a guy drank from his pee bottle. Another drank from his dip bottle. True story.
Grotilar | 16.03.2018
That's like the pot calling the kettle half-baked.
Kajishakar | 25.03.2018
Nice way to stereotype to suit your beliefs.
Jugis | 27.03.2018
Kim, most of science peeks at what can't be seen. Its why circumstantial evidence, indirect evidence is so awesome. Its also why science and science minded (all of us a degree) use faith or whatever you may want to call it. You draw from evidence you have..evidence for the unseen. Its crucial.
Mutilar | 30.03.2018
Science use metaphors to dum the actual science down so that uneducated/ordinary people can understand it.
Miran | 08.04.2018
To my map? It?s on the wall not the web
Akizragore | 16.04.2018
But it isn't the same kind of faith as that used in religion. That's why there are two different definitions referenced.
Faekinos | 26.04.2018
There are certain textures that totally freak me out and give me chills and I can't touch them because they put me in a weird headspace. It's totally weird and I know it.
Naktilar | 03.05.2018
That is because you're likely an insecure nelly bigot like they are.
Asian carp in the oceans
Asian carp in the oceans

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