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Guys wearing no nonsense pantyhose hosiery

"And I didn't vote for McGuinty either."

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Moogumuro | 08.03.2018
It's all allergies.
Tejin | 15.03.2018
and here is my answer: Sure !
Banris | 16.03.2018
I've listed many reasons why in the post below - On Trudeau
Goltir | 18.03.2018
Be glad it's not greyhound!
Faekazahn | 23.03.2018
You play for keeps?
Tulabar | 29.03.2018
ya some newborn babies I've seen definitely need to be drowned!
Shakagrel | 02.04.2018
Ah yes, Yahweh's genocide.
Fet | 04.04.2018
Yeah because building things and repairing infrastructure is not important at all...
Mazunris | 15.04.2018
Good for you.
Mezitaxe | 16.04.2018
IMVHO they are the ones who think about it too much to the point that they want to interfere in women's health issues and close free clinics that might perform abortions among other services for women who can't afford private doctors or travel to other towns.
Dobei | 18.04.2018
He gaved it. I was agreeing with his comment. Dude, there is simply no evidence of people living there before 70cE
Yozshukasa | 20.04.2018
so much for "whats life with ot a little risk",, eh?
Kizshura | 25.04.2018
There's a long list of reasons that people don't work, including lack of education or laziness.
Katilar | 27.04.2018
This to me is very sad. It makes so many feel better to beleve anything
Mikus | 02.05.2018
Slapping myself awake for thinking it is Friday...
Fenritilar | 02.05.2018
Because they are second class, no , third class citizens after the Sephardi, wait, just third class.
Faunos | 07.05.2018
Christianity would have to evolve or perish, no resurrections allowed....
Sazil | 11.05.2018
Canadian health care is almost sacrosanct in the eyes of many of my fellow citizens. To the point where any discussion of change, such as some user fees or the idea that private clinics could be utilized to help reduce the wait list for certain procedures, is treated like treason. A popular myth is that?s its ?free?.
Tugrel | 14.05.2018
It's not worth my time arguing against claims like this: "...chance is irrelevant to past events..." If you can't admit how silly that claim is, then it's not worth debating any of this with you.
Daik | 23.05.2018
The mere fact that a 'religion' has caused so many shootings and murders within it's religious belief system it remains significant to understand that 'religions' have cause the separation of one from another, and in so doing the 'other person' is not seen as an equal.
Mir | 01.06.2018
Hey Howard. May you live to see it even if it isn't for 10,000 years.
Maudal | 10.06.2018
One things for sure.
Shaktilkree | 13.06.2018
That puddle in the picture - is it in the middle of a dirt road? Was that road made by somebody, it did it just take the shape of the woods it's in?
Durr | 24.06.2018
This is a really stupid OP. It is antagonistic at the least. To actually say "Enter religion(s): logic's nemesis" well that is just wrong and antagonistic.I would be deleted or banned if I said atheist were logic's nemesis for attacking a group of people.
Kazrarisar | 26.06.2018
I have heard nothing except it seems odd she has been out of view a long time.
Tygogrel | 29.06.2018
Atheists can be and often do give to the poor. We just don't have as many organizations as Christians.
Faezahn | 01.07.2018
I agree, but I am holding out hope that Mueller has strong evidence.
Tor | 10.07.2018
You can't ignore the taintiness of taints.
Shakakus | 14.07.2018
The Bible also says you can beat your slaves so as long as they don't die in a day or two. The Bible isn't exactly a good moral authority.
Moogujinn | 17.07.2018
No just by mindless reflex? Must stink to be a mindslave.
Daisida | 27.07.2018
t does tell you how good the freindship is,, and how important the grooms wishes are.
Malabar | 31.07.2018
You should read my OP's
Moogujar | 31.07.2018
And that is exactly what termination of pregnancy is. Accountability. You think forcing a person who is not in a position in life to provide and care for a NEWBORN, and who because of being forced to have the baby will never be able to get their life back on track is an example of "cleaning up a mess"? Are you serious? You think the accountability for having sex should be the complete ruination of at least 2 lives? Should people only have sex if they are financially able to care for a baby just in case birth control fails? You have a few screws loose.
Kasar | 09.08.2018
Seats extend backwards.
Guys wearing no nonsense pantyhose hosiery

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