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Default Which ad broker is the best for publisher?

For my personal opinion Exoclick is the best right now.

Why I think so:

1) They have a good stats. It's detailed enaugh and I can make a good analysis from it.
2) It's stable enaugh.
3) It pays every week while some other adult ad brokers pay only monthly or twice per month.
4) It has a possibility to add "CPM to Beat" to your banners and show other adbrokers when a price of Exoclick is very low. I suggest you always use this feature if you want to get a maximum revenue from your banner traffic!
5) You can add, delete, edit adzones easily. On some ad brokers this process is very complicated. Sometimes you can't even delete an ad zone if you added it wrong by error!

It will be interested to hear your point of view and please tell us why you think so?
Traffic Holder - the best place to buy a traffic. Why I think so? Because I buy a traffic myself every day and I tryed many traffic brokers. This one is really the best.
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I don't really know this kind of stuff

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for what and why do you need it?
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what are the advantages of it?
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