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Default Adult vBulletin, SMF, Wordpress, Coppermine + Others Custom Styles

If you are looking for an affordable style for vBulletin, Wordpress, SMF, or some other script, then do not hesitate to look at our Premium Styles that are found in our SexyShop. If you want a design strictly for your web site, then take a look at our Custom Design options below!

I'm available for all kinds of vBulletin services such as:

  • Custom Styles For vb4.0 + CMS
  • Custom Styles For vb3.X+
  • Custom coding in the vBulletin Templates (HTML, CSS, Some php in the templates only)
  • Installations of any hack or mod for vBulletin (any version)
  • Installation services of vBulletin itself (all versions)
  • Installation services of premium mods/add-ons for vBulletin (vBAdvanced, vBSEO, GARS, etc)
  • Site backups & Maintenance
  • Moving a vBulletin site
  • Fixing a hacked vBulletin site
  • Using the vBulletin Impex systems to import another forum into vbulletin

Prices for hack/mod/add-ons installations start at $15.00 and go up to $50.00.

Prices for other maintenance & custom skins will vary depends upon what the project details entail. You can find a basic price list here: http://www.adultsexydesigns.com/pricing.php Prices are not set in stone custom design will depend on what you want on your site and how much coding/time goes into the style you need for your site.

I also specialize in other scripts such as SMF, Coppermine, Wordpress, Gallery2, Joomla, etc. I have worked with over 50 different scripts, so just ask if I'm familiar with the script you want to use or are using on your site.

Please Request A Quote! I will get back to you within a 24 hours time period if its a business day. If its not a business day (weekends, holiday etc) then the next business day I will get back to you.

I am professional, reliable & fast and I've been in business for over 3 years, will be 4 years in October 2010. Most vBulletin custom skins can be done in a timely manner of 3-5 days from the time that a deposit has been made on the skin. Hacks/Mods installations and other installs usually can be preformed the very same day unless its a non business day. If not they can be performed the very next business day.

Portfolio: http://www.adultsexydesigns.com/portfolio.php
E-mail: damien@adultsexydesigns.com

vBulletin & other references can be provided upon request.

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seems interesting..
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