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Default Alex Sky - finally this is the right spot for him

His contacts:


Never pay him any money - he is cheater!

I have been waiting too long. But now I think it's time to post info about him here. I've never seen so lazy and unreliable people before. I've paid him a money and I didn't get any design from him. 2 months have passed. I'm too tired to remember about him, I don't need this design any more :sad2:

Alex Sky - you're the biggest shit I've ever seen!
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It's true
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I noticed that this guy unfortunately still does designs for some people
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That's why you always pay people when they're done with their work. I doubt you will put your reputation on stake
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thanks for the warning.
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Where was this post two years ago? This guy fucked me on a two designes for xpowerlinks and that's why I no longer support xpowerlinks because he was recommended by penturn (?) I think that's his name, the owner of the script. Penturn is a pretty cool guy and helped me out, but he turned his back on me when alex boned me...another designer said that there are all kinds of shit about him in the non-english boards, he's burned a lot of fuckers in the ukraine, UK, and russia...I was new and he told me that he had lots of customers and if I wanted his help I had to pay him first...what an asshole...I hope he dies of aids....i'm normally not this hateful, but that peice of shit brings it out on me...and the best part, is on his birthday, fuckin' ICQ always hits me up send him an ecard...i keep him in my icq so anytime he logs on I can tell him mean shit...I haven't seen him on for a long time...hopefully he got hit by a bus or something
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looks like alexa, thanks
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