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Default [WTS] Full Root SSH Access VPS Hosting + Cisco Networking Equipment from Jumpline!

VPS gives you total control and isolation: install and deploy your own applications, restart the virtual server, and gain access to the underlying operation system. With VPS, unlike Shared Web Hosting, your data is protected and isolated from everyone else. Ready to graduate from Shared Web Hosting but not ready to pay for an entire Dedicated Server? VPS Web Hosting gives you all the benefits of a Dedicated Server at a fraction of the cost.

Founded in 1997, Jumpline is a well established, privately owned web hosting company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. As a leader in the web hosting industry Jumpline provides top-end hosting solutions to over 150,000 business and personal websites.

Please check out our VPS plans:

VPS-512 Plan
30 GB Storage Space
300 GB Data Transfer/mo
512 MB RAM
2 IP Addresses
Equal Share Processor
Linux Available
cPanel/Parallels® Plesk Panel

VPS-1024 Plan
40 GB Storage Space
400 GB Data Transfer/mo
1024 MB RAM
2 IP Addresses
Equal Share Processor
Linux Available
cPanel/Parallels® Plesk Panel

VPS-2048 Plan
50 GB Storage Space
500 GB Data Transfer/mo
2048 MB RAM
2 IP Addresses
Equal Share Processor
Linux Available
cPanel/Parallels® Plesk Panel


pay-as-you-go plan

A simple concept that only bills you for the resources you use. Pay-As-You-Go is a great alternative for those who may use very little or for those who have no idea what their actual resource needs may be at the time of ordering.

$0.05/GB/day Storage (No Backups)
$0.10/GB/day Storage (w/ 30-Day Backups)*
$0.10/GB Data Transfer
$0.005/day Memory
$0.10/day Dedicated IP Address (1 included)*
$0.50/day cPanel 11.25 Bundled*

Parallels Panel, Plesk 9.5 Plus, or cPanel 11.25 included at no cost.

Do not forget about domain name!

From registering your domain name, to providing email, to building your website with the full-featured Parallels® Plesk Site Builder, Jumpline.com offers it all in one simple package. So don't put your domain name plans off for another day, get your Domain Name Package today! You have a domain name, why not use it for email to! Jumpline.com's Domain Name Package includes 5 POP3 or IMAP email accounts, 20 email forwarders and a great Webmail client so you can easily check your email no matter where you are.

Get it all for only $9.95!

If you have any sales or general questions please feel free to contact us.
Toll-free 1-800-651-2028
Local 1-614-859-1170
International 00+1+614-859-1170
Fax 1-614-222-0067


Submit Support Ticket!
Jumpline.com - 1st Class Web Hosting Provider Since 1997!
- Shared Hosting Deals!
- VPS Hosting Packages!
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