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Big boob anamation

"The Bible is as real as a Harry Potter book. Heavens exists in the same way that Hogwarts does."

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Dusho | 17.03.2018
are we talking about the robot tv show? or something else?
Malabei | 18.03.2018
They aren't opinions. The bible functions rather like any historical fiction novel, like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Same concept. Take a normal, real person, then apply mystical, fantastical qualities to him then write a story around it.
Gatilar | 25.03.2018
The President can only submit legislation through a member of Congress.
Arasar | 26.03.2018
One day TFCC will write a coherent OP in his own words.(Right!).
Kezuru | 04.04.2018
Have you seen SuperTroopers (2001)?
Maugrel | 06.04.2018
I would like to know the law she broke.
JoJokree | 16.04.2018
Mod comment :
Faubei | 26.04.2018
By the way I don't believe in the marriage of spinach and eggs... terrible.
JoJot | 06.05.2018
They no more represent atheists than the Westboro Baptist Church represents Christians.
Mozahn | 13.05.2018
"2. Are these findings aligned with current modern evolutionary theory? (They seem surprised at the unexpected findings.)
Golkis | 20.05.2018
Yet you don't have an issue with machine guns being outlawed. Why is that?
Nira | 23.05.2018
No, I'm saying that if you have some silly definition of faith that people employ even AFTER they have verifiable evidence, then that is NOT the silly definition I'm referring to.
Kirr | 30.05.2018
That ad would be great to watch while fried.......??
Kazikazahn | 09.06.2018
Wow you are a demented individual.
Yozshulrajas | 15.06.2018
and the reason we all will downvote you is because you just hate. go back to your Russian lover. Vlad...
Niramar | 18.06.2018
Your whataboutism is not noted.
JoJole | 24.06.2018
Lol that still doesn't make it your business. You have nothing that shows she's lied. Nothing.
Shaktinos | 03.07.2018
How old was Jesus at death? No one knows for sure, right? What was his full name? I bet carbon dating could date anything from that era with accuracy. The Bible leaves you guessing.
Juzragore | 11.07.2018
Noooooooo say it isn't sooooo... Does she inhale?
Zolojora | 17.07.2018
If you think that a dead Jew that wandered around a remote desert for about a year while wearing sandals and a robe was a real god - because an ancient book written by ignorant and superstitious men says so - you are an idiot.
Malagis | 18.07.2018
That's what I thought.
Faegul | 28.07.2018
What about the gods of Taoism and all?
Vitaxe | 31.07.2018
It may have had benefits at the start and it may still have benefits for some but it's like the training wheels on your first bike. They help you learn but eventually you move past them and no longer relying on them. If you keep them on they actually hold you back from learning how to ride without them on your own. Learning how to think should be the goal not learning what to think which is what all religions do.
Julmaran | 03.08.2018
Which this one did not decide.
Nam | 04.08.2018
Annnnnticipaaaaationnnn is a making me waiiiiiiiaaiiiit soooo...
Goltijin | 14.08.2018
Those ones aren't Christians, they are christianists :)
JoJocage | 23.08.2018
If you look at her Imgur page, you'll see that she said:
Shaktigor | 26.08.2018
The plural or not nature of Elohim is really not relevant here
Voodoodal | 03.09.2018
Former WH press secretary.
Maule | 03.09.2018
I said sexism not sexual harassment.
Kajijar | 04.09.2018
Saying someone shouldn't kidnap people and make them slaves isn't the same as saying you shouldn't have slaves. The bible is very clear that Hebrews are not to be taken as slaves. There are even verses telling them to take slaves from other nations. Hebrew men were only allowed to be used for 6 years and then released, which sounds a lot like indentured servitude. Women and men from anywhere else were property for life and even passed down through the family.
Vilkis | 15.09.2018
So because a father doesn't give birth, he's also not a parent?
Big boob anamation
Big boob anamation

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