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Peeing family nudist camps

"I did. If those things aren't illegal people are free to do them. If they are they can't. Kissing in public is not illegal. You want to outlaw kissing then do so until then grow a set and just look away."

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Kajizahn | 24.02.2018
Why would you possibly think I don't understand what personal incredulity is? What was it that I said in the post you were responding to that demonstrated "personal incredulity"? Please be specific.
Vogul | 25.02.2018
Hugs for the anxiety.
Mooguktilar | 02.03.2018
Time for the fiance to hire a pool boy.
Kekazahn | 04.03.2018
I'm not clear what point you're making and how it relates to my OP. Can you rephrase?
Doukinos | 12.03.2018
Wasn't it Christopher Hitchens who also proclaimed: ?I don't think the war in Afghanistan was ruthlessly enough waged.? Ideologues like Hitchens aren't, in my opinion, good poster children for the pro atheism movement.
Fenrinris | 15.03.2018
Give me an clear and specific example of how an person hiring staff for their company can refuse to hire people only because they are black, but is not racist, and I will change my absolutely accurate and correct position.
Dozil | 21.03.2018
No, you don't get it. Or you refuse to.
Duktilar | 29.03.2018
They trick to investing is not putting all your eggs into one basket! My wife and I paid SS and Medicare taxes for 50 years and would have LOVED to invest that money instead!
Mazuzuru | 02.04.2018
So does the pearly gates and judgement of the kingdom of heaven still happen for Mormons, or is the afterlife just straight to the personal paradise planet?
Zulkitilar | 05.04.2018
Actually, I think the terrorist handouts amount to over $65 million.
Kajigis | 12.04.2018
God can not be proven or disproven. It is not the job of the athiest to prove god exsists. Most theists say that believing in god is a faith thing. People of religion have many different versions of the god and yet no theist demands proof that each version of god be proven.
Zulkirn | 21.04.2018
No rant, Iam inclined to agree. ?? ??
Mazshura | 29.04.2018
I'm an Erisian pope a Minister in the Universal Life Church (the sub-genius branch) and The Church of the Latter-Day Dude as such we respect anyone's god belief as long as they don't try to force it on us by laws and/or in schools; but believe nothing ourselves without proof.This Month I'm exploring Apistevistic agnostic Erisian pantheism. IMVHO REALITY (what exists, the awareness of it and the natural laws behind it) is god and we are all equally part of a collective universal existence. I could be wrong but think it's more likely and predictive than a vindictive skyfather depicted in a very old highly edited badly translated book.
Tuzilkree | 06.05.2018
Haven't seen you at the other site, for a while now. What gives?
Mautilar | 11.05.2018
I'm agnostic so I'm afraid your to far down the religious rabbit hole to appreciate any response I might give you.
Taulabar | 15.05.2018
"If they bring in a cake design he wouldn't make, then he wouldn't be refusing the service flat-out."
Jugul | 17.05.2018
I didn't. Notice the first line of the article.
Tygolkis | 18.05.2018
You're too stupid to play with today.
Jujin | 25.05.2018
He's talking about undemocratic countries like Turkey, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, etc. He's not using the word the same way as Trump did.
Dilkis | 29.05.2018
Correct! YESHUA didn?t give in to temptation. Adam and Eve did unfortunately give in to temptation. There loyalty to YHVH was tested and they failed. YESHUA was born loyal to YHVH already! The Act Of disloyalty (obeying YHVH out of love for Him was their purpose) made man sinful. Hugs
Mezahn | 01.06.2018
it is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgment!!!
Peeing family nudist camps

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